Preparing & Cooking Crab

How to clean a crab

Grab the crab by its backside and hit right between the eyes, which kills them immediately. Then grab and split it in half, which removes the shell and by hand scrape off the lungs and shake each half crab into a cleaning bucket, which is later discarded. The reason we are cleaning the crabs like this is that it reduces the amount of crab you have to cook, taking less time and energy, the crabs also taste considerably better if prepared this way.

How to cook a crab

DSC_3764Fill your cooking pot full of water. Add 1 cup of rock salt. Bring the water to a boil and place the cleaned crabs into the boiling water. The water will stop boiling when the crabs are added. Wait until the water comes to another boil, then turn down the heat to a soft rolling boil and cook the crabs for 21 minutes. After the crabs have boiled for 21 minutes, remove them from the boiling water and shock them with cold water. This shrinks the meat from the keratin shell making it much easier to remove the crabmeat.

If you were to do a blind study and cook the crabs in the traditional manner, shell and all, versus cooking the crabs by splitting, cleaning first, then cooking them, you would notice a considerable taste difference, especially if you left the crabmeat in the refrigerator for a few days. Not cleaning the crab first is the equivalent of throwing a turkey (guts, feathers, and all) in a pot! Try it by cleaning the crabs first and you’ll be amazed at how long the crabmeat stays fresh and viable in the refrigerator.

Tillamook Sporting Goods offers an array of crab cooking stations that come with the cooking pot, propane canister and hose connections. The cooker comes with a perforated interior basket and a stainless steel grabber to pull out the crabs after cooking.